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Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's late and I'm almost finished celebrating! This evening I feel confident enough of both my books to quit editing for awhile. Don't get me wrong. The picking will continue until the day they're printed. I know because I've done that to everything I've ever had published, both fiction and non. And after it's immortalized on a page, I berate myself every time I read it for not saying "this" instead of "that." That's why it's so important to get it right. Who knows who might be one day reading my work? Maybe an overly literate grand kid that I will have embarrassed or possibly another writer who's work I admire. It would be like meeting them with a ring of ketchup around my mouth.
Next on the list is writing the synopsis and book jacket blurb. I have already done that for the first book, Not Just One, so judging by that, it won't be an arduous task. Possibly a few days. It's a fun part of the job, digging through all the best lines and then tightening them even tighter to make short, action and visually packed, sentences. Like tuning a guitar string, you can hear the words, eeeeEEEEE until they sound like the sentence is going to snap right in your face. That's when you know you have that line at the best it can be.
You do know you can't judge a blog by it's cover, though, right? Who has time to edit their blogs? This is merely the overflow outlet which I use as a nightcap to settle me back down before bed. No murder here. No bad guys and heroines struggling their way through pages of onslaughts. Just words. Nice words. Like, have a Goodnight.

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