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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Counting The Days

My nights have become rodeos as I flip wildly back and forth, mumbling about stage fright and book prices in Australia and worrying will my book, Running From Cancer, make it here in time for the first cancer relay? 
My husband tried pinning me with his thigh, but the resulting carpet burn on his forehead got too many laughs the next day.A lasso wasn't any help.  He was eyeing up the staple gun last I saw him. Could be another book to be written? Running From Insomnia.

Toss, turn. Turn, toss.My thoughts are on steroids blasting in every direction...did I order enough business cards, will the brown bags hold up if someone buys three books instead of one. What should I say to complete strangers before I sign their book? Will anyone want their book signed?

I have received the finalized manuscript gallies and now am told I have to WAIT a week before Lightening Source approves the application for publication. I had ASKED if there was something I could do to speed the process up. "We've got overwhelmed by applications lately," the salesman said.  I could have reached through the phone and choked him had the ear piece in my hand been bigger. A pressure cooker?
 I also have to wait for the head of the northern relays to assess my speech material I e-mailed last week to see if she will endorse my appearance at other relays. I hold my breath for that as well. Once I get the okay, I can send out flyer posters- oh wait, the local printer ran out of black ink which will arrive soon and then I can get the posters...
I am at the mercy of a process I don't even understand. One of my three Genie wishes would be for patience. The other two would involve an anti-aging solution so I would feel like I HAD time to wait for everything!
Remember, there are three more books to go...