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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free Long Distance Dialing

I accidentally left my sweater at the Royal Bank.

As I live out of town a bit, I decided to call and get the receptionist to hold on to it until the next day, when I would return to town and pick it up.

Houston phone numbers begin with 845- as does the Royal Bank's, but when I dialed 845-2218, I got transferred to somewhere in Winnipeg!

After two rings, an automated voice thanked me for phoning and told me how wonderful this automated service was because now I could reach someone 24/7, blah, blah, blah.

Had I reached someone yet? Not yet. The "voice" gave me a list of options, none of which included lost sweaters. I did press zero for operator. I was then told to make another choice, between personal accounts and business or agricultural account information. I wondered if I should get my client card ready as was suggested. Then the surprise. I was told this call would be recorded so now there would be proof of my senility- something a husband just waiting to commit his wife would want to hear about. Could this recording stand up in court?

This was silly. It's a 7 minute drive to the bank and I had already wasted that, plus someone had just recorded two swear words that slipped from my mouth. I hung the phone up and jumped into my car, ready to return to the bank. That's when I found my sweater behind the passenger seat.

As I returned to the house I thought, hey, I have a good friend in Winnipeg. I haven't heard from her for awhile. Now that I can phone for free, I picked up the receiver and dialed 845-2218. Eventually a real person does come on the line, and believe-it-or-not, he knew Mary Jean Radley! She was about to have her third son and he would call and let her know I was asking about her.

I phone the bank often, just to see how the weather is in Winnipeg and to check up on that new baby of Mary Jean's. Who knows, if it gets nice enough, I may go for a visit?

But until then, I'll keep checking with my local bank.