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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All My Bags Are Packed...I'm Ready To Go...

Thursday, May 27 is the big day! It's almost here!!I have spent the last few weeks revising and polishing and then printing piles of packages to hand to perspective agents while attending the Bloody Words Mystery Writers Conference in Toronto.There is a summary, a synopsis, a biography and sample chapters for each book. I will be sporting ten pounds of paper on my shoulder.
What to wear, what to wear? I had to unpack the sweaters and long sleeved shirts after discovering Toronto is in the midst of a heat wave. 30C! Imagine! Lucky, lucky me. Poor Torontonians who will be able to see the white glow from my legs coming from blocks away. Let's see, a dress, some clam diggers, heels, white pants, sunglasses,t-shirts...sensible walking shoes!
I have my appointments for interviews lined up, have googled the area to see where everything is and am about as ready as one could ever be. For once in my life I am not feeling sick with anxiety before something of this momentous occasion. I am filled with confidence. I am a writer, have been for years now. And my time to reach my full potential has come. I have two wonderful books that I believe will make others laugh as much as they make me laugh. I am ready for critiquing and to change whatever it takes to get them out of the drawer and into print.
But yes, okay, the cheer-up bottle of wine and bar of dark chocolate will be waiting to console me if things don't quite go as I imagine...
Thanks again everyone for all of your support and belief in what I do. Now to get someone in the biz to believe!