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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Letter For Dano

Hello Debi.

I live in Invermere and we just returned after a two week vacation. We were

shocked to read of Dano's death. My spouse and I knew him as long-time

residents of any small town know each other. Dave had a motorcycle seat

re-upholstered about two years ago and we always enjoyed bumping into him

here and there and having interesting, thoughtful conversations. Even

though we weren't close, it was reassuring to see his old truck and old dog

at the shop and we lived with the naive hope that our neighbours are living

happily ever after.

A few years ago, Zach and his pals, the Logan boys (who live across from

us), rescued a cat from under a shed at the school board shop. We are cat

lovers and were heartened that the boys had been feeding and watering the

scared, homeless puss for days before we even realized it was living there.

Then we learned that Zach's family had given it a home! I've long admired

Dano's love for the community and willingness to organize - like the coat

drive and the hang gliding event. And I admired his dedication and

involvement as a father. Year after year, I watched him arrive across the

street in the green-blue truck to pick up kids and drop off kids.

I'm grateful you've written a little in your blog about the sad and tragic

circumstances of his death and also about your raw feelings. People in

this valley loved and respected and we are reluctant to ask questions. I'll

be thinking of you, his Invermere family and your family (especially your

dad) as you all carry on the best you are able. When I read your

wonderful description of his love for life and family and friends; of course

that is what you will do in his memory and as his kid sister.


Karen Brown

Thanks Karen. Every little bit helps, and you have helped on a day that was pretty low.xo