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Monday, October 21, 2013

Still Intact and Touring

So far so good. Although I ended up driving to Vancouver through the soupy fog all night, I made it down without losing a thing! Made the 7 am ferry and just kept going all day to Nanaimo to watch my beautiful daughter try on wedding dresses. A library reading was followed by a short boat ride to Protection Island to visit Doug and Marilyn- Karly's Auntie. A pampering of meals and great company by a fireplace ensued and I slept like the dead for a full uninterrupted 8 hours! Up to cruise the island by foot with another dear friend along-but scooping fresh oysters right off the rocks was a certain highlight. Ate them right there fresh from the shells!
Life is so good.Thanksgiving turkey dinner with Karly's fiancee Matt and his mother and bouncing out of bed at 6 to work out with my amazingly powerful and fit daughter ( you should SEE her whip those heavy ropes around!!) then meeting another dear friend for Starbucks breakfast.
Off now to visit another great friend- this one from my hometown in N.B.
Days off are SO fun. Back to Vancouver and the power cocktail evening tomorrow!
And I still have the phone Honey! Amazing!!!