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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

People are asking about when the book Running From Cancer is due to arrive.

The manuscript is in the  hands of a company in California for final edit, interior design and typesetting. The company will also be turning it into other formats like epub and kindle for e-book sales. Once the material returns, I still have to go over it one more time before sending it back for uploading to the two different publishing houses. LighteningSpace for the print and for the e-books.
LighteningSpace will see the book into all the major chains in the U.S. and into Canada. Whether or not the book is ordered by your independent local bookstore will be up to the buzz we can create about it. That's why I will be calling on everyone for favours like visiting my blog site as often as possible and clicking on different blogs to view (you can click up to nine times in a row. I need to get the number over 10,000. It's at 8,000 now. So close.)

When the book is out, hopefully by May 15, 2013 writing your review of it on the Amazon website is crucial for its future. Once I have 35 reviews, I can get it into a more mainstream outlet to take it to the next level.

My job is to stand on stages and in front of rooms full of people to deliver my Fight Back speal. The old quit Running From Cancer and stand up to it. Give it the kick in the pants it deserves. Stop  those rising numbers of 200,000 people a year hearing that they have joined this crappy club.
It's time to get tough with yourself NOW, not after you learn you have cancer. Get educated. You need to arm  your immune system with the weapons to withstand the onslaught when it happens. You need to drink more water than wine, get oxygenated through daily exercise and eat 10 fruits and vegetables a day. Less red meat, more nuts and beans. There are more tips in the book.

A lot of what I repeat is from research compiled over the past two years. Most of it is common sense, but some times common sense isn't so common.

So look for me coming to a community near you soon. In May and June I will be covering northern B.C. at the Relay for Cancer runs. The Terry Fox Run in September and the CIBC Run For The Cure in October. Where, I have yet to find out but I will post a schedule once I get one finalized.

Until then, thanks for hanging in there with me. Patience never was a big factor in my life.