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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Winding up Beside Michael Slade

What an end to a month of touring with my Running From Cancer memoir. I'm finally winding it all up and packing my bags for the flight home tomorrow night.

The SIWC Surrey Writers Conference was spent rubbing elbows with the famous Diana Gabaldon of the best selling Outlander novels and Micheal Slade of numerous crime/horror/fiction novels amidst at least twenty other well established presenters as they ate with us, lectured classes and met us in hallways and elevators always happy to talk about our work or projects and there to help with questions. What a lot of learning we did. I'm looking forward to heading home tomorrow though. Sounds like Barry is more than ready for me to come home as well.

(Michael Slade (b. 1947, Lethbridge, Alberta) is the pen name of Canadian novelist Jay Clarke, a lawyer who has participated in more than 100 criminal cases and who specializes in criminal insanity. Before Clarke entered law school, his undergraduate studies focused on history.[1]Clarke’s writing stems from his experience as a practicing lawyer and historian, as well as his extensive world travel. He works closely with police officers to ensure that his novels incorporate state-of-the-art police techniques.[2] Writing as a team with a handful of other authors, Clarke has published a series of police procedurals about the fictional Special External Section (Special X) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. His novels describe Special X protagonists as they track down fugitives, typically deranged murderers. Four other authors have contributed under the name Michael Slade: John Banks, Lee Clarke, Rebecca Clarke, and Richard Covell. Despite the collaborative nature of the books, Jay Clarke is the predominant voice in their writing[citation needed]. Currently, Jay and his daughter Rebecca write under the Slade name.
Slade's novel Ghoul is on the Horror Writers Association's recommended reading list.[3] His work is published by Penguin.
Fans of the series are referred[citation needed] to as Sladists, a play on the word sadist.
According to a 2008 report[4] on horror movie website Arrow in the Head, Headhunter was optioned for a movie by Brightlight Pictures, set to be written by Wil Zmak and directed by Patrick Lussier. The project appears to have died; as of August 2011, no further details have been released and no information is available from Brightlight's website.  (from Wikipedia)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Still Intact and Touring

So far so good. Although I ended up driving to Vancouver through the soupy fog all night, I made it down without losing a thing! Made the 7 am ferry and just kept going all day to Nanaimo to watch my beautiful daughter try on wedding dresses. A library reading was followed by a short boat ride to Protection Island to visit Doug and Marilyn- Karly's Auntie. A pampering of meals and great company by a fireplace ensued and I slept like the dead for a full uninterrupted 8 hours! Up to cruise the island by foot with another dear friend along-but scooping fresh oysters right off the rocks was a certain highlight. Ate them right there fresh from the shells!
Life is so good.Thanksgiving turkey dinner with Karly's fiancee Matt and his mother and bouncing out of bed at 6 to work out with my amazingly powerful and fit daughter ( you should SEE her whip those heavy ropes around!!) then meeting another dear friend for Starbucks breakfast.
Off now to visit another great friend- this one from my hometown in N.B.
Days off are SO fun. Back to Vancouver and the power cocktail evening tomorrow!
And I still have the phone Honey! Amazing!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Sky Is Falling ... Again.

Looks just like I'd expected after a week of backing into someone else's vehicle, losing my keys inside a store (still missing) , my credit card for an hour and a nightmare about misplacing my son as a toddler (when I woke up I phoned my 28 year old to see if he was okay), and NOW there is a fog that has settled across the northwest cancelling flights in PG and I'm holding my breath about Smithers.

I'm getting worried about what's coming up...

Where am I off to?

To Nanaimo to visit my daughter and fiancee- to watch her try on wedding dresses for her August 2014 event. Then we head up island to Nanaimo for a library reading from 3:30-5 before hopping in a boat and travelling to a wee island to visit Karly's Aunt Marilyn for the night. Super excited to see old friends in Nanaimo as well as one in Victoria I am long over-due catching up with.

Then off to Vancouver for a debut at Diane's Lingerie shop. If you haven't seen it yet- take a look! OMG! They've been publicizing about it all week. 25% discount off their bras this week with a % going to Breast Cancer research.

Then to Surrey for my writer's conference where I get to talk with Michael Slade and other celebrities to garner tips on how to be famous (kidding) and how I can get my material more mainstream.

It's going to be an eventful week while my husband is tramping the forest calling for moose. He figures he got the better end of the stick. I said I was jealous, but that is another fiction story I'm afraid.

Back to Houston and Smithers library readings in November! See you soon and thanks always for your support!! It keeps me writing.

That is, if I don't lose myself while in the big cities!

(update: flights were cancelled over that entire weekend. Luckily I had friends also trying to fly to Vancouver so we took their vehicle and drove all night. After that, things seemed to settle down and smooth out, I am happy to say. Except that my son thinks I'm a little more crazy than usual...)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Summit of HOPE

I was honoured to have been asked to attend the Canadian Cancer Society's 75th year summit/conference with volunteers and reps across the north.

 It started for me last night with a fantastic spread of food at the former top chairperson Lorraine Grant's home in PG. With wine or cups of punch we overcame our shyness and began realizing who and what we each represented. I was surprised I knew so many of them from this summer's relays I had attended.

Today we began at 8:30 for powerful speeches about what exactly happens through the CCS. Where the $$ does go. And believe me, it is ALL well spent! Their big push this year is getting new fathers -to-be, to butt out.To be their child's hero, not someone giving them the potential to contract lung cancer. To stop young people from smoking. To get enough funding to build a prevention centre to reduce the 50% of people who get cancer from simply not living a healthy life-style. Those incidents that are PREVENTABLE. Are you listening yet?

We heard first hand how the cancer connection works, pairing people who have had similar experiences with the cancer journey to some one terrrified and facing the unknown. How a child with leukemia suffered through the bone marrow tests, chemo and surgeries to stand before us giggling and happy- her family supported financially and mentally through the years it took to get their child back home again. The new Kortebayn Lodge being a prime example of what they're doing- giving patients, family and people needing an inexpensive alternative when in PG. A "compassionate hotel" with a pool table, fireplace, library and cosy rooms and kitchen.

But the best part of the experience was the caring and compassion. The love for what they do- helping people to survive. It was so obvious. I have been so fortunate to have been scooped up by this organization. I hope I can help ensure their success in our common goal of making sure YOU are aware of what you can do to stand up to this disease Today, BEFORE YOU GET CANCER.

I'm thinking of going to Dawson Creek and Ft. St. John for the relays 2014.

Tomorrow is the Relay for the rain, of course! Nothing has been easy this year when it came to relays or runs. Sigh. It can only get better next year is the way I figure!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Pink Wakes Up CBC Radio

What a morning! The sun had yet to rise over the downtown buildings on Victoria Street in Kamloops, yet there I was, Starbucks mug in hand (filled with home brew of decaf, almond milk and stevia) dressed head to heels in HOT PINK! They saw me coming in a swirl of colored poodle hair that hung from my newest acquisition of blazing pink suede coat and fluffy collar and arm adornments. Beneath, my brightest pink dress and new pink Payless pumps.
Why all the pink? Women, including myself, LOVE the colour. We identify it as our birthright, something that distinguishes us. I wear it to attract their attention, like a red feeder attracts hummingbirds. I want women to stop, look and LISTEN to what I am saying. You do NOT have to be a breast cancer statistic. A few basic tips and you can avoid the taste of chemo that never leaves the back of your throat. The mutilated or missing breast. The pain, depression and learning to live with the new you.

That was the message from CBC host Shelley Joyce to her listeners as we talked on air this morning, live.Read this book, Running From Cancer: a tilted memoir- also hot pink- it could save you or your friends body parts, possibly your life.

Radio is becoming easy and fun- I no longer shake and rattle, eager to sound clear and get my point across. Cut back on the alcohol from 10 to 7 drinks a week. One a day max for women, two for men. Cut back on the donuts to one a week instead of one a day. Up the exercise from 10 minutes to 40. One serving of fruit and vegis to 10. One glass of water a day to eight. Does that sound like too much to do to save your life? To avoid going to hell and back?

Trust me, you'll not think so after your diagnosis!