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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pooped and Off On Tour

I've blogged about everything else happening to me since the cancer comedy fell on top of me and threatened to squish me like the mouthy bug that I was, so a little more squeaking.
I am totally EXhausted. For two months at my computer phoning and e-mailing media for the upcoming book tour to Vancouver and back.
What a slippery bunch they are- and your very career depends on these people! "But who are you?" You wrote what? You sent a press package and a book?"
Some day I will not have to go through all this and I can return to do what I do best. And that's not wait for a call back that is never coming. It would be trying to finish editing the second that I can go through all this again. And again- ha.
No real complaints- just need a few more hours in the day.
I'm living the dream, but it was a little less hectic than this as I recall. And where the hell is the manservant??