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Friday, July 18, 2014


Right after a recent talk I gave I had a person attending send me an e-mail challenging a fact I had stated. They correctly said if I was to get one fact wrong that it would affect the credibility of my entire presentation. And rightly so. But the question was about the amount of alcohol recommended for women per WEEK.

The writer said they had researched and found that it was one a day.
Well, once again, that person WAS correct as many websites STILL advertise that amount as being safe, especially on American websites.And isn't alcohol, in particular a glass of deep red wine healthy for you?

 Not according to the on-going research done through the Canadian Cancer Society. The CCS figures that one alcoholic drink per day still gives gals a 1.5 chance of getting breast cancer. Yes, a low number, but I've beaten better odds. Alcohol can also lead to liver disease, obesity, alcoholism and heart disease. While alcohol might reduce clogging of the arteries under certain circumstances, it almost always raises blood pressure, causes weight gain and boosts triglyceride levels in the blood, all risk factors for heart disease. Triglycerides are fatty substances than can build up in the liver if the body doesn't break them down properly, and even small amounts of alcohol inhibit the body's processing of triglycerides.

 The final answer?  On the Canadian Cancer Society's website it is recommended that women drink LESS than one alcoholic beverage a day. They suggest 2-3 a week MAX.

So what's a girl to do besides whine about the fact that men can drink up to two a day and not suffer any major threats? Try drinking what your body really wants and needs: A tall glass of good water. Or try my Saudi Champagne life saver- a wine glass of ice almost filled with low sodium soda water and topped by a splash of white grape juice. Or eat a handful of carefully washed purple grapes and get the same heart health benefits, without the threat of cancer standing behind waiting to tap you on the shoulder. It beats whining about your wine intake and after a few less fuzzy mornings, headaches and rising weight scales, maybe you'll come to prefer the alternatives.