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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jumping The Gun

So I pulled a usual Debi. I jumped the gun. I sent the NY agent my work before reading Don't Murder Your Mystery which has a great section on backstory. I had way too much backstory and telling vs showing in the first three chapters of Not Just One. But yes, I already sent Christina Hogrebe the mess that I have since fixed up.I realize the biggest hook to the tale is the Highway of Tears issue. I needed to bring that forward, which I have. I was then informed that the number one cliched plot was none-other than the one I used- but it's a bit late to change that right now. I also changed the name from Not Just One to the Highway of Tears, hoping to catch more interest on the shelf.
On Monday and Tuesday July 12 and 13, I sent 5 e-queries out to one publisher and 4 agents. These had the recommended letter stating the jist of the book, my writing background and a sample of 5 pages plus synopsis. The request is merely a feeler to see if they might be interested in seeing the rest.
Now is the HARDEST part of the entire process. The wait for a reply. Most of these people won't bother if they don't want to see more. They just delete you. This was admitted by the scary Toronto agent Helen Heller at the Bloody Words conference. She told us she sits with her finger hovering over the delete button. What she didn't say was that at the stroke of a coffee withdrawl spasm, a disheartening call from someone or such other ill-timed distraction, she might delete a row of dreary looking proposals. The power in that finger of hers!
I am going to try and make myself continue on to the second book, once called Double Dip, now named Double the Desperation. Fitting. I am feeling pretty desperate to get these books published. At least now I am headed in a more positive direction thanks to Don't Murder Your Mystery using more front story, more impact drama. Here I go on the second book, which means my head will once more be buried for a month.