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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Sky Is Falling ... Again.

Looks just like I'd expected after a week of backing into someone else's vehicle, losing my keys inside a store (still missing) , my credit card for an hour and a nightmare about misplacing my son as a toddler (when I woke up I phoned my 28 year old to see if he was okay), and NOW there is a fog that has settled across the northwest cancelling flights in PG and I'm holding my breath about Smithers.

I'm getting worried about what's coming up...

Where am I off to?

To Nanaimo to visit my daughter and fiancee- to watch her try on wedding dresses for her August 2014 event. Then we head up island to Nanaimo for a library reading from 3:30-5 before hopping in a boat and travelling to a wee island to visit Karly's Aunt Marilyn for the night. Super excited to see old friends in Nanaimo as well as one in Victoria I am long over-due catching up with.

Then off to Vancouver for a debut at Diane's Lingerie shop. If you haven't seen it yet- take a look! OMG! They've been publicizing about it all week. 25% discount off their bras this week with a % going to Breast Cancer research.

Then to Surrey for my writer's conference where I get to talk with Michael Slade and other celebrities to garner tips on how to be famous (kidding) and how I can get my material more mainstream.

It's going to be an eventful week while my husband is tramping the forest calling for moose. He figures he got the better end of the stick. I said I was jealous, but that is another fiction story I'm afraid.

Back to Houston and Smithers library readings in November! See you soon and thanks always for your support!! It keeps me writing.

That is, if I don't lose myself while in the big cities!

(update: flights were cancelled over that entire weekend. Luckily I had friends also trying to fly to Vancouver so we took their vehicle and drove all night. After that, things seemed to settle down and smooth out, I am happy to say. Except that my son thinks I'm a little more crazy than usual...)