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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life Goes On

I can see the light at the end of this long tunnel. Only 7 more treatments to go. The shopping bug has finally died off: the sales have been incredible and I have acquired 3 new coats, new ski pants, skis, poles, reading glasses and some miscellaneous clothes. I am currently on "official notice" with my husband and the credit card.
My brother Dan is here visiting and we're celebrating his birthday prematurely while we have him. Its also called an excuse to indulge in a death-by-chocolate cake tonight. Off to visit some wineries today and then we'll feed him a wild grouse dinner with all the trimmings.
We hit the powder on Monday after a spectacular dump of snow on Super Bowl Sunday. Seems my luck has officially returned as I won two door prizes and the football pool of $100 cash. What a night! I'll have to resume the lottery ticket purchases.
Things are going well. The radiation is causing some pins and needle sensations but my energy is still up and the moods are manageable. Hot flashes continue on a regular basis and act as a shock collar for when I get really angry. I have to calm down before they pass, so maybe they're a good thing? What a strange time we're in.
If you haven't seen the movies The Kings Speech and Black Swan yet, make sure you do. They are both excellent. The first is humorous, the second a dark tale of a woman's struggle to release her inhibitions. I'm still haunted by the latter.
Things are good and may they be with you as well. Life just keeps going on!