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Monday, January 23, 2012

Interesting Enough To Come Back To...

It has taken me three weeks into January to get back into this driver's seat. Depression, whether you're medicated or not, can be like riding waves on a busted surfboard. Sometimes you fall off the board, sometimes you can ride the wave. Depends on everything- the weather, your mood that day, how you are treated, what the day throws at you, a memory that catches you off guard.
For the most part I'm doing okay. Then something sneaks up behind me and I'm on my knees. But I've still got the surfboard and it's going the right way.

So, I plan on continuing with the Alphabetical Cancer Prevention Blogs, but on a more realistic ONCE A MONTH basis.One less stress at the end of the week, especially during the ski season. I'll try and fill the rest of the month in with update blogs of what's up in our lives. I'll try to keep it interesting enough to come back to.

Surf's up everyone. Hang on.