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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Amen to Easter Eggs!

Not to get too religious on you, but ever wonder what the Easter Bunny and eggs have to do with the Christian's belief in the resurrection of Christ?

Well in the beginning, Pagans were more common than Christians. The Pagans celebrated the Spring and the regrowth of all living things with the eggs as a symbol of fertility and the rabbit, known for it's ability to rapidly populate. This was called Easter ( from the goddess Ishtar or another theory from the Saxon's Mother goddess Eostre or from the Latin word for spring "eastre".)

The Christians wanted to find a way to encourage the Pagans to sign up so they melded Easter with the resurrection of Christ, as it too was a celebration of new life and rebirth of all things.

And what better way to celebrate anything but with chocolate? Someone even suggested it was because Christ's last dessert was chocolate.( You can find ANYthing on the Internet). Who am I to disagree? I LOVE that part. If it was all about hard-boiled eggs I don't think we could count as many kids in on the celebrating.

For me it's all about spreading the joy of the beginning of Spring and all that it means to our surroundings. It's the start of mating season for many species, as seen by the squirrels chasing each other in pairs across the snow. The first poke of green noticed in the dry flower bed in the front yard. The deer trying to nibble off any sign of vegetation on the tips of our lilac bush. And the excuse to cram my maw full of candy Easter eggs.

My hunt starts in the stores, trying to find eggs made of a high percentage of dark chocolate. Not an easy task. But after finding some, I put them around the house. Then I enjoy finding them for weeks to come after forgetting where they are.

But the BEST part about my Easter is when my gal pal Sandi and I dress up as ski bunnies and hit the slopes with our baskets of goodies for everyone. Giving is so way much more fun than receiving! The looks on the kid's faces as we bend down to hand them a treat. Priceless. Picture it: Sandi's bunny ears tilting backwards from the wind as we shoosh down the slopes, chocolate eggs bouncing from our baskets as we hunt down the deserving and the undeserving alike. It's Easter. EVERYone deserves a bite of heaven.

Amen to that!

  • symbols of new life and rebirth, and the Christian celebration of Easter is all