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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Running From Publishing

The excitement continues to roll as the date of publication for Running From Cancer  looms nearer. I think another book title could be Running From Publishing. It's such a confusing world I know nothing about.
It wouldn't be the first time I whirl-winded headfirst into something completely out of my element. I wonder how painful this hard landing might be?
The next two books should be much easier to get out, I'm hoping.

My pink and black camo pants have arrived from California  I ordered size 9/10 as comments said they ran small. I normally take a 5/6.  Sure enough, they are like a comfortable girdle. Perfect length and they DO fit, just tighter than I like for being on a stage. Never know when a zipper is going to blow out from a last minute 'panic-carb.' In front of how many people???

I plan to dress in these pants with Mom's black ball cap with the pink cancer symbol on the front and Fredericton, N.B. on the back. Black army boots for walking the tracks at the multiple relays across the north over May and June, together with my first CIBC run-for-the-cure t-shirt I got in 2006 in Prince George. It was my first cancer run and I was more interested in seeing if I could last the 5 km than I was about talking to people about cancer. I donated to the 'good cause' not realizing what that meant.

Now that I do, I'm determined to help others wake up and see the big picture. After giving three cancer-related speeches in the past two years, there has been enthusiastic replies to my offers to speak at the various relays in northern B.C. The Relays start in May and end in June.

Cancer is here people, and its determined to stay. Which it will, continuing to mow us down until changes are made. Remember when we all used to smoke cigarettes?  Same thing. It took years, but the change came. Now the smokers are the minority in Canada. Maybe we can do that with the cancer numbers. Reverse the rise?

I bought yellow paint for the wood easel I will be propping the HOPE sign and stuffed buddy Homer, from the book, on to take with me across B.C.
 There has been pricing for a stand-up banner with the book cover on it for promotions,business cards with the book logo and book display holders and I still need to get professional pictures taken. That will be hard this week when my face connected with some hard snow on Sunday and it looks like Barry punched me in the face. It's very big, very purple and a pound of beige 'white-out' only makes it look worse.

My name is Sergeant  DebiLyn Smith of the army against cancer and I fight back... Ha.

All this is why I haven't phoned or written or had anyone over lately.
Thanks for your patience! xo

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Web Site Changes

A large thanks goes out to my guru web site master programmer  Bill MyersRetED DSD WTD, who has patiently sorted through the change of mind, typo riddled, lah-lah land suggestions for up-grading the website at

I found  the Alphabetical Cancer Prevention tips everyone commented on were getting buried beneath the other blogs, never to be found any other way except by date. Hmmm. When did that tip on what kind of water is best to drink appear? What year was that even? See?

So Mr. Bill has given us another area to click on to get right to where we want to go. W is for water, L is for lemons, t for toxins. It's up and ready to try. I have a few changes to make to up-grade some of the blogs- I hope to get to that soon.

On the book front, the cover details have been handed over by the designer and are now mine to copyright.

Today I received a very generous and helpful discount from my local bookstore, Countrywide Printing in Houston on two easels to take with me for my Relay for cancer  Fight Back speeches. The one easel will hold Homer- my mother's stuffed bear that helped my sister Kim and I through her passing. Homer was at my side for the cancer ride and will remain beside me as long as I need his help. The easel will also display the "Hope" sign a twelve year old girl from Burns Lake painted and donated to the Terry Fox run and annual fund-raising auction. I told her when my book was published, her painting would travel with me to help spread the news that yes, there is hope. You can quit running from cancer and stand up and fight back. Now would be a good time to start. Before you get cancer.

A second easel with a roll of paper so I can write down the key points of my talk. This will eliminate the paper I usually hold in front of my face. The one I drop, or that will blur in and out of focus in my stage fright phase.
The pink cammo pants, and black army boots from e-bay are on their way and once here, I go for a hair cut and professional pictures for the posters. I want to keep my hair short for  when I face others going through  what I did. I used to hyper focus on women's hair, not able to get over how beautiful it looked on them. I don't want that to happen to someone I am trying to get through to. I want them to hear the encouragement, the hope, the strength that I will try to pass on.
Because I believe cancer CAN be beaten.
And I believe the rising number of cancer deaths can be slowed down or reversed if people learned to take a harder look at what it takes to win this war. Never forget that you have to kill cancer before it kills you. It's never too early to start fighting.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Running From Cancer is Finally A Real Book

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for the upcoming book cover of Running From Cancer. It was a fantastic adventure where I opened a "contest" which was sent out through a company called 99designs to all available designers. It seemed like most of the contestants were young adults from all over the world who submitted their interpretation of my work. One jacket cover had two big breasts with one looking like it was cracking up, another had a picture of two red cherries connected by a stem, but one of the cherries (breast) had come off the stem. Intuitive and brilliant. I got to personally talk to and work with the designers which is embarrassing at times when you don't know exactly what you want. They would make a change and I would not like it and would feel like quitting before asking for yet another change. But it all worked out and I am so pleased that so many of you chose the one I liked best as your first or even second choice.

The cover with the pink vortex in the background and the woman running away from it ( a few thought she was running towards it, possibly towards "the light" as in death) was confusing to many and even though it took second place, I think it was more for the brightness and less pinkness of it all.

The next stage to get this book off the ground is a trip to the "hairdresser" or interior book designer. She will start all the paragraphs and words in the right places, check all the quotation marks go the right way and change the font and sentence length among 100 other things you couldn't possibly imagine. It gets to her March 15th for 2-4 weeks before returning to me in a PDF "upload-ready" file. Then I can take the cover file, my ISBN and bar code files and the text files and upload them to an e-publisher (Amazon Kindle) and a  publisher/distributor Lightening Source or?? I will purchase 500 books to hit the road with in May and June across B.C. to promote during cancer fundraisers.

I have a choice of two speeches I give at the fundraisers, one a wake-up call from Sergeant DebiLyn Smith, who has come to kick your butts into cancer fighting warriors. The second is a" look what happened to me and why do you think it won't happen to you" talk about the raging "forest fire" our bodies can no longer stamp out when our immune systems aren't running optimally.
I have already picked up some Adivan. Public speaking is up there with bikini waxing - I fret until the time comes and then feel ill as it happens. I also scream inside my head at both.

For sure everyone will be advised when Running From Cancer is available, I imagine in an e-book format on first.
It's getting hard to sleep for the excitement of the book becoming something I can hold and sniff and sleep with. We are already working on editing the next book called Your First, in my Running From Mystery series.
And just think, I have cancer to thank for all of this. Life is so funny sometimes.