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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cancer is a Bully

Wearing pink this week is two-fold for me. I stand up for anti-bullying and I also stand up against cancer.
Put that together like a peanut butter sandwich and you have the fact that cancer IS a bully as well. Like a big kid that pushes you down when you least expect it, cancer pops it's ugly head when we are sure that indigestion is only that and not pancreatic cancer. That the shadow in your normal looking breast is only a cyst, right? Not with a bully. That's possibly breast cancer and when the bully enters into your life, you can bet it's an aggressive one that is already in a lymph node heading into your body.

Bully's try many tactics. The ones I had in grade school would surround me and warn me I wasn't to try and hang out with their friend Duska. At our 30th high school reunion, Duska was amazed to hear that her friends had threatened me.She had wanted to be my friend and wondered at my distance. And like the little bullies, your resistance to the possibility
that you might have cancer probably works the same way. You are surrounded by denial and so you snub your doctor's office with that new pain or lasting headache. You put off the colonoscopy because it costs you a day off work. You have to fast. Well I think you are only avoiding the bully. Going a different way home from school so he won't catch up to you.
HEY. We don't tolerate bullying anymore, haven't you heard?

Don't let cancer push YOU around. Do what you can to get tough and stand up to it. Knock it down with a daily dose of a 1,000 mg of vitamin D. Get some exercise, feed the oxygen into your lungs. That will take cancer down a peg or two. Knock the wind out of it with some fresh fruit and vegetables ten times a day. Pin it down by eating omega 3's found in salmon and anchovies.

And wear your pink proudly. Because bullies, whether inside or outside of us CAN be licked.