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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Canadian Cancer Society Pairing Service

I'm going to have to look at revising this blog site so people can find previously given  information easier.

Case in point, the Canadian Cancer Society number to talk to another survivor. Someone asked for it and I can't remember the date the article was filed under.

So here it is again.

The CCS have trained volunteers who have been through cancer. For free, you can be paired with one of the survivors who has gone through close to what your situation is. These people can give you tips, tell you what you may be facing and possibly just give you the chance to talk to someone who really can understand. The phone number for this service is 1-888-939-3333. Even if you're done treatments, it is never too late to talk to someone about what you have and may still be going through.

"You only have to be alive to grow cancer. You only have to be dead to get away from it completely."

I hope to have my book Running From Cancer out soon which can also give you insight into a cancer patient's world. Stay tuned...