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Monday, April 19, 2010

Beginner Blogger

Wow. From webless writer to a writer with a web page and a blog. All these distractions. As if I didn't have enough in a day. I am finding it hard to get any real work done. Never mind the guilt from not keeping in touch with all my e-friends. But writing is writing and a writer usually agonizes as much over an e-mail as she will over a chapter in a book she's writing. It's all about finding the precious time. We need 30 hour days!
The Bloody Words Mystery Writer's conference in Toronto May 27-30 fast approaches and I am re-editing the re-edits and polishing every last line to a squeak. I feel like I am about to face Simon or Simonette on American Idol. I have signed up for a professional critique on Not Just One and Double Dip, my first two mystery novels, and will also pitch them to a publisher and an agent.
I have to get these books up and running! I want to start the third but I need deadlines and goals to help me better prioritize. It's hard to keep writing when I haven't seen a lot of validation. Being short listed for a fiction piece recently had me on a high for about a day. Then I was back to square one. I want to write a lot of books, but need to get to the next step first. Some real validation. Something better than friends and family (not saying I am not greatful everyone) saying it's great. I need a cheque in my hand. A book with a cover and my name on the front. That would prove it to me!
Now, back to that writer's chair at my own desk! (this is my husband's seat I am in taking a break to write my first blog. My lap top is currently trying to upload a few pictures too many to my daughter. I may have to stop it and try something else. Sigh. Another distraction. Ah...but I love her!)