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Saturday, April 24, 2010

6 Hours of Slash and Slice

I'm exhausted. For six hours I've been slashing and slicing and ripping and shredding. Sounds like a horror show but it's only another editing session. You write a thousand words and concentrate that into six hundred quality ones.
The best part of writing though is being able to play God. Call me weird, but it's fun to kill someone then change my mind and edit them back to life again. Simply because they were too nice to die. Wouldn't it be great if that worked for real? If we could edit people back to life?Well, maybe not. Then everyone would still be here and the world would get pretty overcrowded. We could just bring all the great ones back. Like Mother Teresa, Diana, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, my Mom.
Well break time is over and I'm pleased to announce edit number three is almost over. I should be starting the fourth by Monday. With any hope, it should only take five before its ready for the conference.
Off with the heads, I go!