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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Pink Wakes Up CBC Radio

What a morning! The sun had yet to rise over the downtown buildings on Victoria Street in Kamloops, yet there I was, Starbucks mug in hand (filled with home brew of decaf, almond milk and stevia) dressed head to heels in HOT PINK! They saw me coming in a swirl of colored poodle hair that hung from my newest acquisition of blazing pink suede coat and fluffy collar and arm adornments. Beneath, my brightest pink dress and new pink Payless pumps.
Why all the pink? Women, including myself, LOVE the colour. We identify it as our birthright, something that distinguishes us. I wear it to attract their attention, like a red feeder attracts hummingbirds. I want women to stop, look and LISTEN to what I am saying. You do NOT have to be a breast cancer statistic. A few basic tips and you can avoid the taste of chemo that never leaves the back of your throat. The mutilated or missing breast. The pain, depression and learning to live with the new you.

That was the message from CBC host Shelley Joyce to her listeners as we talked on air this morning, live.Read this book, Running From Cancer: a tilted memoir- also hot pink- it could save you or your friends body parts, possibly your life.

Radio is becoming easy and fun- I no longer shake and rattle, eager to sound clear and get my point across. Cut back on the alcohol from 10 to 7 drinks a week. One a day max for women, two for men. Cut back on the donuts to one a week instead of one a day. Up the exercise from 10 minutes to 40. One serving of fruit and vegis to 10. One glass of water a day to eight. Does that sound like too much to do to save your life? To avoid going to hell and back?

Trust me, you'll not think so after your diagnosis!