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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina  is one of the world’s Superfoods, meaning it has a dozen or more unique properties that promote optimal health. It is a blue-green variety of cyanobacteria and cousin to algae, dulse, kelp, nori and wakame.
Spirulina has the highest concentration of protein found in in any food and has as much iron as red meat. It has high levels of chlorophyll, a known blood builder and can aid in the production of more stem cells found in bone marrow. It has four anti-oxidants in one, including beta-carotene which can increase life span and build the immune system.
Ingesting spirulina makes its anti-oxidant blue and green pigments available to our cells. This will better protect us against UV radiation at cellular level.
I buy a jar of powdered Trophic Pure Essential “Greens Concentrate” locally at the PharmaSave, but have also seen it in health food stores. It has spirulina as well as a list of other cancer-deterrent necessities in it.
 One teaspoon a day to keep my body in optimal kick-cancer-butt mode.

Save Your Life with Self Examination

"S" is for self examination

Prevention is worth a pound of cure. Never did words ring truer than in this day of cancer epidemics.
The key to surviving cancer is early detection.

Unusual lumps, bumps, masses and changes in skin color or texture on different body parts, sudden change in bowel habits and unexplained loss of weight are a few of the common symptoms which go unnoticed but play an important role in exposing a possible cancer or other medical condition.

Forty percent of breast cancers are found through self-examination. Discovering a hard round pea shaped mass in my left breast prompted concerns for an ultrasound which resulted in finding breast cancer in my right breast. The left was nothing but a tiny benign mass. To me, it was a beacon that saved my breast and possibly my life.

About the age when young men start to shave they need to  learn how to check their balls! From 15-35 is the prime age for testicular cancer and self-examination is very important. Over 95% of testicular cancer is cured if discovered early.

Practicing monthly self-examinations will keep you in touch with your body. Getting help from a spouse could be a fun way to “watch your back.” A partner can literally watch your flipside for you to spot any changing moles or new growths.

For more information on how to self-exam :

Oral cancer:

Thyroid cancer: