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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Running From Cancer is Finally A Real Book

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for the upcoming book cover of Running From Cancer. It was a fantastic adventure where I opened a "contest" which was sent out through a company called 99designs to all available designers. It seemed like most of the contestants were young adults from all over the world who submitted their interpretation of my work. One jacket cover had two big breasts with one looking like it was cracking up, another had a picture of two red cherries connected by a stem, but one of the cherries (breast) had come off the stem. Intuitive and brilliant. I got to personally talk to and work with the designers which is embarrassing at times when you don't know exactly what you want. They would make a change and I would not like it and would feel like quitting before asking for yet another change. But it all worked out and I am so pleased that so many of you chose the one I liked best as your first or even second choice.

The cover with the pink vortex in the background and the woman running away from it ( a few thought she was running towards it, possibly towards "the light" as in death) was confusing to many and even though it took second place, I think it was more for the brightness and less pinkness of it all.

The next stage to get this book off the ground is a trip to the "hairdresser" or interior book designer. She will start all the paragraphs and words in the right places, check all the quotation marks go the right way and change the font and sentence length among 100 other things you couldn't possibly imagine. It gets to her March 15th for 2-4 weeks before returning to me in a PDF "upload-ready" file. Then I can take the cover file, my ISBN and bar code files and the text files and upload them to an e-publisher (Amazon Kindle) and a  publisher/distributor Lightening Source or?? I will purchase 500 books to hit the road with in May and June across B.C. to promote during cancer fundraisers.

I have a choice of two speeches I give at the fundraisers, one a wake-up call from Sergeant DebiLyn Smith, who has come to kick your butts into cancer fighting warriors. The second is a" look what happened to me and why do you think it won't happen to you" talk about the raging "forest fire" our bodies can no longer stamp out when our immune systems aren't running optimally.
I have already picked up some Adivan. Public speaking is up there with bikini waxing - I fret until the time comes and then feel ill as it happens. I also scream inside my head at both.

For sure everyone will be advised when Running From Cancer is available, I imagine in an e-book format on first.
It's getting hard to sleep for the excitement of the book becoming something I can hold and sniff and sleep with. We are already working on editing the next book called Your First, in my Running From Mystery series.
And just think, I have cancer to thank for all of this. Life is so funny sometimes.

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