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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Will You CHOOSE to get CANCER?

I don't know how better to say it? I wrote a book about my death defying  experience with breast cancer, terrified that someone else I knew was headed down the Cancer Freeway. But it's still happening. Another one, then another. It's like the cancer boulder is gaining momentum and it's flattening everyone in it's path. 

It was four years ago when I was cancer-naive. Yes, there are still people out there that know nothing about how cancer works; about what you can do to up your chances of avoiding the disease.

The Canadian Cancer Society recognizes that almost 50 % of new cancer diagnosis are caused by

And what is YOUR lifestyle like? If you're maintaining a healthy body weight by getting lots of exercise, eating well with lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking good water instead of too much alcohol or sugary options and have lessened your toxins, number one by  becoming a non-smoker or avoiding second-hand smoke, then you have GREATLY REDUCED your chance of winning that cancer lottery!

Add 1000 mg minimum of Vitamin D supplements, boost your immune system with weapons like organic blueberries, ground flax seed, decaf green tea, kale and other green  leafy vegetables and take up a stress release like Yoga, swimming, meditation or getting enough sleep and you're even MORE protected from that devastating tap on the shoulder that says, "You're next."

Trust me. You do NOT want to end up with the Frankenstein body parts. You do NOT want to experience a day with chemo chemicals rattling around your brain, you do NOT want to lay half-naked on a steel slab while a stranger lines up the blue tattoo on your breast with the radiation co-ordinates. You will regret having to spend the rest of your life worrying cancer will return.

You have alternatives.You can shape up your life right now. Tighten that anti-cancer belt even more.

If you are of the 30% who are pre-disposed to getting cancer, you have the advantage of keeping your thumb on any possible run-aways, until its detection. That's where a regular check-up with your family doctor comes in.And a tumour that only had the chance to grow to 1 cm has a much better chance of being survived than one that is 4cm.

Is it sinking in yet? Or will you continue to sink?

I chose to swim instead of sink because I'm not going down again without a better fight. This time, one in my favour.
Pass the brocolli please.

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