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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the Luck of the Irish

Okay, so I'm not Irish. Just plain old British with a smat of American in there, but being raised an Easterner in New Brunswick straightened all that out to leave me with a friendly, kind, open disposition. But WHY am I so lucky? Could it possibly be because I believe in Karma? Didn't you watch those Oprah shows that talked about positive energy perpetuating more positive energy? Opening yourself to good and like a magnet, good will come back to you?

All I know is that the more I donate, the more I seem to receive.

For Example:

Last weekend I attended three fundraisers within 24 hours. It began with our team of five women determined to hike up Hudson Bay Mountain'sMount Everest Challenge where we had to hike on our skinned skis up the run named Ptarmigan 18 times collectively over 24 hours. It was to collect money for spinal cord injuries so we pooled our money, entered our team and started the climb. After the first walk up with my skinned skis, I skied down and got in our vehicle and drove to Houston where I changed into my "power outfit" and attended the International Women's Day at the Senior's Hall as their guest speaker of the evening. I left my purse with my make-up and drivers license and everything else I can think of back on the ski hill at our cabin. No worries. There was a spare tube of lipstick in the car.

The smell of their Chinese buffet was delightful and my stomach growled as I gave my talk about how women can change anything they want if they only put themselves to the task. From chastity belts to mini skirts and from maids to Presidents. Life is for the inspired who accept challenge and grow as they age.
I was presented with a beautiful necklace of rare stones made locally. Surprise! Their applause and thanks lifted me high enough to virtually float to my third event of the evening: the Hospice Society's Ties and Tiarras.

OOPs, my tickets to the event are in my purse on the ski hill. No matter, I am given another ticket which is cut in half for the draws. So, yes, I do own a tiarra I received for my fiftieth birthday, which I donned and sauntered around the room with, noticing the items we had personally donated for the silent auction. Over the course of the night my number was drawn for a Tupperware set, a free ski pass and then two tickets to Vancouver compliments of Hawkair. Perfect as there is another fundraiser in May in Vancouver I had been planning on attending but not sure how I was going to justify the expense to get to it.

I got back into my car and returned to the ski hill at midnight where I got ready to climb back up the mountain in the snowy dark three more times for our team. I slept well from 7-11 a:m, before the wind-up party where my name was pulled for a trip to the prize table. I picked a much needed pair of graphite, telescopic ski poles for touring. I LOVE them.

Two days later I got an incredible review about my fiction book from a super influentially respected author who is trying to open another door for me. I will keep you posted, but still, the good keeps coming.

Then today, I needed bananas for a recipe and wasn't there one bag left of over-ripe bananas for sale. Oh you know that HAD to be Karma happening there!

Okay, so when I got to the truck, my keys WERE locked inside of it. BUT on the good side, a great friend  went to my home and picked up the spare before delivering them a 10 minute drive to town. I'm telling you, it's Karma that he was even available in the middle of the day!.

So, I say, "Luck of the Irish" be darned. If you want some good in your life, put some out there and see what comes back to YOU! What can it hurt?

Happy St. Patrick's day Everyone and may a bit of luck come to those that go after it!

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