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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Off and Running...Again

After getting home late from the lake last night, we are again packing madly for another road trip- this time to Prince George for Archie Smith's 87th birthday. Sounds like Chinese food and cake. It's all good (I'll be taking my brown rice as we're doing take-out, so easy enough to health it up a bit).
Wednesday finds us straining our backs picking the wild fiddleheads, which if you don't know what they are, can be read about  at
(It's an old article of mine still on-line. Note the beautiful hair...sigh).

Thursday finds me once again beneath the surgeon's knife- operation number three, this time for reconstructive surgery. Dr. K is implanting a silicone bag to help fill my bra out. There's been strap slippage and snaps coming undone at the most unsuspected and always unfortunate times. Try onstage. Egad! It's a 1.5 hour surgery, five hours out of my life and not sure how long for recovery. If you asked me, there would be NO time for recovery as the next day I have a book signing in Quesnel from 1-3 at Caryall Books (I pre-signed them- smart, eh?) Hopefully I won't be too stoned and drooling at perspective customers. That night we're staying with our great friends Don and Veronica (another survivor) at their new home outside of Quesnel. The next day is the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life and I'll be with my team of teenagers called Fighters 4 Life, with a speaking engagement at 4 pm centre-field. I treated us to the Billy Barker Casino and Motel that night before we whirlwind back to Houston on Sunday, with Barry working in Burns Lake on the Monday. I get tired simply reading about it.

The following week is Terrace and Prince Rupert and the week after that we finally make it to Smithers where I will be signing and doing a reading on the Friday and the relay on the Saturday. I will be giving the Luminary Speech at midnight, a somber tribute to the fallen cancer patients which I plan to follow with a Fight back message.
Bill Myers, my techno whiz is working on a "feedback" or "Review" page so readers can let me know what they think about the book, if there's any typos, corrections (Sandi found 3 and my Mother-in-law three. I spelled her sister's name wrong. It's Joleen, not Jolene. First line, first chapter. Sheesh)
Other than that, we are immensely happy, the books are selling well, and Lindsay has found her wedding dress. What more in life could we ask for, besides Grandkids? Ha.
Stay tuned....there will be a blog on the Bigger Boob coming soon...just what does it feel like to have a breast implant? Personally I'm trying not to think about that at the moment. I'm in my usual pose of head down and ass up, plowing through to the next adventure. Watch out everyone. Stand back, this might hurt...

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