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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"L" is for Legumes

Healthy eating is an important piece of the breast cancer prevention puzzle. Through good nutrition you can keep your weight down, utilize cancer fighting nutrients and turbo-charge your immune system.
Having a plant-based rather than meat-based diet is a first step in giving your body a leg-up to fight cancers. This includes a stable diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables and legumes.
 Legumes include beans, lentils, and peas. Just like whole grains, legumes are a great source of fiber and phytochemicals. Another benefit is that they contain higher levels of protein than other plant foods so you can substitute them for the meat in your diet once in awhile. Give your body a break and it will thank you in ways you may not see, but will definitely feel.

The seriously misunderstood bean has been a staple of the human diet for many thousands 
of years, and a major source of high quality, inexpensive protein, combined with other foods. 
There are hundreds of varieties of beans and lentils available, with a corresponding range of 
tastes and nutritional qualities. Beans are adaptable to an immense number of delicious 
vegetarian recipes. 

We can minimize the production of gas from eating beans by breaking down the fiber in them 
before eating. Mashing or grinding will work, as in Refried Beans, or Hummus.  We can also 
minimize gas from beans by soaking and cooking them well, eating them in combination with 
other foods, not eating excessive amounts, and chewing them well.

In Bulgaria they soak their beans overnight and discard the water in the morning. Bring the beans to boil in fresh water for ten minutes, then drain and repeat with fresh water. Repeat once more and cook until done.

Also, always rinse canned beans well before adding to any recipe.
Both tips will cut down the gas immensely.

But comparison to cancer, what's a little butt backfire going to hurt?

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