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Sunday, April 10, 2011

As The Hair Grows...

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go, I'm standing here outside your door...sing it any way you like but that's me, finally! On our way to Costa Rica Tuesday morning and I've never been so ready for a holiday. A holiday from what! you might be wanting to ask. Okay, fair enough, my days have been pretty lax besides getting some sort of daily exercise in, packing or unpacking from the ski hill weekends or trying to remember how to run the vacuum cleaner after all this cancer crap. But one still needs to get away from it all, even if it was nothing. A change of scenery. Now that the cancer is on the "back burner" I'm able to get the whip lash concerns from the November 2009 accident into centre focus again. Back to the amazing Mike for physio and this time something very different. Mike teamed up with an anesthetist who injected three areas of locked-up muscle near my shoulder blade with a local anesthesia which instantly relaxed them. Both guys went..."Whoa!" as the injection was applied. Guess each time the muscle spasmed in a big way! "What that tells me," the Dr. said, "Is that you will be one of the people this will help." My low expectations soared! It's still tender enough to try and get squeezed in to see my fave registered massage therapist, the cutey-pie Robyn Mulder. Robyn can stretch the muscles and work out all the big knots that form in there. She's also great for the tightness around the surgical scars- the fascia layer seems to stick and she can loosen the area up way better than I can by myself. I also had Robyn deal with the "cording" that appeared on my midriff about two weeks after the second surgery. Long thin vines appeared from below my cancerous breast down my middle to just above my belly button. They were hard and rope-like beneath the skin. Robyn stretched them apart and we both heard then snap as they broke. They disappeared a few days later, thankfully and have never come back. We're not sure if it was from improper lymph drainage or from something else? Anyways, I am counting down the days for getting the hair dye on this grey swirl that adorns my skull. Yes, grey hair is better than no hair but it doesn't go with a thing in my closet? Suddenly the lime green washes me out, the browns don't accent the gold highlights in my hair and the black makes me look aged. What do you wear with grey, besides more grey? My friend suggested turquoise. I stubbornly suggested hair dye. But with seven days to go, I might just end up with another scarf or hat yet. If I see one in turquoise, that is. I'll try to keep up the blog while on holidays. Have a wonderful pre-spring everyone!

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  1. Have a great trip, Debi. I'm finally catching up on your blogs, stealing some of your inspritational strength for my own life challenges. If you can get through this with such grace and humour, I can get through my stuff.