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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The exhaustion has finally started to set in. Quite possibly because we are in a whirlwind of normal life on the ski hill. That includes packing then dragging everything up on our backs in packs (water included) and then lighting the fire and unpacking between secondary and even third loads up to the cabin. It takes a few hours to get the chill out of the air enough to unpack the lettuce and cucumbers and a full six hours before you can relax comfortably without your coat and boots on. Then the socializing begins. This weekend starts with the usual Thrilling Thursday with free appys and draws for goodies starting at 4 pm, then people for dinner. I've been cooking two days for that! Ribs and Heloise's spaghetti sauce (made with bacon and beef! You can google it). No time even to make a proper dessert.
Then we load it all up 4 days later and drag it all back down (the spent battery packs, the empty bottles and water jugs, laundry, food), taking it home to unpack and put away again. Lock and reload days later. Sigh.
Trying to catch up with even my closest friends and family has seemed next to impossible- I have been calling people with the phone tilted to my ear as I chop, stir, fold clothes, research the Internet or dusted. With only 3 nights at home before returning to the mountain, the household chores start piling up. No wonder I am so tired these days! I literally "crash" flopping to the couch or bed not able to muster enough energy to get up for a glass ofd water.
Ridiculous. When will I learn to slow down?
Then again, I bought a card for a friend's 60th that says to live it up now. You can rest when you're dead. Maybe that's what this go-go-go is all about? Nuh, this is just my normal rate. Guess I'm not back to full speed yet. I'll get there.
Thankfully now I have to run! Off we go again. TTYS

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